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Students of CEFGA

Are you looking to purchase or lease a new or pre-owned vehicle? CEFGA and Town Center Nissan's Auto Buying Program is your ticket to a great deal on your next purchase.The TCN Auto Program - available exclusively in Kennesaw - provides students and recent graduates an opportunity to navigate through the often tedious car buying process with a personal consultant and a team of associates ready to help make your experience easy and hassle free . The program strives to simplify the financing, credit approval and selection process and provides one on one care, information and resources.

You can use your CEFGA student savings to find the best deal on all sorts of vehicle options.

How Does the TCN Auto Program Work?

Step 1 - Research

You start by visiting the New and Used section on the TCN website where you can find all of the new makes and models of your favorite vehicles. There are reviews where you can see pictures of the cars as well as take virtual tours, see offers and find out about pre approved financing.

Step 2 - Locate and Contact

Once you have found your vehicle it's time to go contact Town Center Nissan using the form below, calling the dealerships and asking for the CEFGA car buying representative. Once you do that, you will be contacted promptly and be able to arrange a convenient appointment to look at your choices. You may also call the dealer at any time and speak directly with a representative. Our current reps name is Mazie Daglis.

Step 3 - Visit, Ger Approved and Save

Now is the time when you will go to your appointment and meet with a representative who will help you in the selection of your new vehicle. As a student or alumni of CEFGA you will have exclusive access to special financing options so you receive the best offer available for your new vehicle. We can work with slow credit , no credit and even bad credit. We can also help with concerns about just starting a new job, income requirements and proof of income/ proof of address requirements requested by the bank.

There is no obligation to purchase through this program.

What Are the Benefits of TCN's Auto Program?

First and foremost, you will be assisted at every turn by professionals in the industry with many years of experience.

Plus, the field staff is vital to the program. They are there to work with CEFGA by training them so they can best support members of the car buying program. By using their extensive knowledge, the contacts create ease and comfort with your car purchase, ensuring there is no obligation or pressure to purchase.

What if I have credit, budget or financing concerns?

Of course, your ability to get a loan will vary based on your credit profile and the value of your down payment or trade-in vehicle if you have one. Sometimes, no matter how perfectly you crafted your budget, your perfect loan simply isn’t attainable, often due to a less-than-great credit history. If you’re turned down for a loan because the lender simply won’t let you borrow the amount you requested, you may have a couple of options. First, you can consider putting down a cash down payment or providing a trade-in vehicle at the dealership. Either of these steps can reduce the amount you need to borrow. Another way to improve the loan you’re offered is to apply with a cosigner. A loan cosigner is essentially someone with good credit who agrees to take responsibility for the loan in the event the primary borrower can’t repay it. We can explore all of your available options.

Ideally, your monthly payment should be low enough that you can easily afford the payments without fear of falling short or being stretched too thin. In this respect, loans with longer terms can be good, as the longer the term, the lower your monthly payment will be.  Our special finance team is here to help you navigate through all available options.

Can you help with Car Insurance?

While we do not provide car insurance we can offer you assistance with directing you to a insurance provider who can help you with a quote.  Call 678-903-3936 and ask for Mr Butts


Insurance Quotes for Home, Auto, & Life : Farmers Insurance


For more info on the car buyingprogram please call Mazie 

Mazie Daglis

CEFGA Auto Buying Rep

Town Center Nissan Staff in Kennesaw, GA


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